Kemon Disciplina Curly Cream 150ml


Smoothing and moulding cream. Perfect for diffuser drying; leaves curls very soft and
supple. Makes a wavy blowout easier, giving tone and support. Adds frizz control and long-lasting protection against humidity.


  • Styling: rub 2-4 walnut-sized amounts of product in your hands and distribute uniformly along the midshaft. Comb and then proceed to dry.
  • Daily use: to keep curls fresh and well-defined in the areas more prone to unruly behaviour, work 1-2 walnutsized amounts of product in your hands and distribute uniformly along pre-dampened mid-shafts; then allow to air dry.

NB. The optimal amount varies depending on the hair's length, thickness and unruly nature.

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan.
Additionally, its packaging is made of Polietilene Green

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