Ceriotti Vivi Tourmaline Professional Hairdrier

€115 €120

Ceriotti Vivo Tourmaline Hair Dryer:

More Power - Less Energy 

The Vivo Tourmaline delivers more power than a traditional hairdryer but consumes half the energy. The tourmaline in the dryer helps to spilt the water molecules into smaller particles meaning that drying hair will be even faster than before. 

Green Care:

The plastic used in the construction of the Vivo hairdryer is 100% recyclable.

Heat Proof Surface:

Handle the dryer without getting burnt, improving handling and effectiveness

Easy Click:

The filter fits back into place with just slight pressure

Product Features:

Filter Inox

1250 Watt Real Consumption - 2500Watt Real Power

Long Life AC Motor

Weight: 360g

Airflow: 120 m3/h

2 Speeds

4 Temperatures

Ergonomic Grip

True Cold Shot

Silent Motor

No EMC Emissions 

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