Moroccan Oil

Moroccanoil finish Hairspray medium 330ml


Create a hairstyle that’s worthy of the red carpet. Moroccanoil Finish hair spray for extra strong hold will keep even the most intricate hairstyles in place for many hours. Its formula includes argan oil and provides strong hold as well as dazzling shine. Whether you prefer a sleek pony tail, a complicated updo, festive ringlets or braids, your hair will stay flawless as long as you need it to. 


  • gives your hairstyle a lasting hold 
  • combats frizz and humidity 
  • doesn’t leave buildup and brushes out easily
  • ideal for intricate, special-occasion hairstyles
  • suitable for all hair types and hairstyles
  • leaves your hair shiny with extra strong hold


  • argan oil – nourishes, works as an antioxidant

How to apply:
Shake the Finish hair spray with extra strong hold well before use. Spray it on dry and styled hair from a distance of about 25cm. 

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