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Trio Brush Set

€15 €35
The Bush Brush : The ultimate hair brush for both de-tangling and styling hair. It's design allows the brush to contour every head shape helping it to glide through the hair preventing any harsh tension or breakage. It has both hard and soft bristles that make light work of the most unruly tresses. This bristle design allows it to evenly distribute the natural oils through out the hair from root to ends creating a beautiful healthy shine. This brush is perfect on wet or dry hair and ideal for hair extensions. The perfect solution to tame that bush.

Tease that Bush shower comb: This comb is perfect for making the most of your conditioner. It's wide tooth design ensures not only even distribution of your conditioning product but is also kind to the hair while it does so. The wide teeth on this comb creates less tension on the hair while wet, therefore minimizing breakage. It's hook handle also makes it your perfect shower buddy to tease that bush.

Style that Bush:
This comb is the best styling tool you'll ever need. A must for keeping that curly blow dry or boho wave combed to perfection when both styling or out on the town as it is the ultimate handbag essential to style that bush.

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